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Defend the freedom to protest in Denmark

The climate summit in Copenhagen 2009 is of historic importance for people
all over the planet. It is crucial that this summit will be held in a
country that have respect for democratic partcipation so all voices can be

The new law package against "trouble makers" presented to the parliament by
the government in Denmark is limiting democratic participation. It is
according to the ministry of justice not directed against persons
committing harmful acts. Instead the proposed law package that severly
sharpens punishment including turning acts that previously resulted in a
fine into crimes causing unconditional prison terms is directed against
people that are in the vicinity of disturbances and accused of hindering
the police in their work.

This is a threat to democratic participation during the summit and in the
future. The new law package, if its implemented, will cause polarization,
confusion, and promote passivity. This is not useful in the situation we
are in faced with the climate crisis.

We support trade unions, environmental and other organizations in Denmark
in their protest against the law package. We see it as unacceptable that
the host country of the historic climate summit is limiting democratic
participation and call for rejection of the new law package.

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